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Corrugated Shipping Boxes and Stock Boxes

Heavy Duty Boxes also referred as Master Cartons

These boxes are mainly used as secondary packaging to transport goods or products in a bulk. These boxes are heavy duty boxes with 5 ply or 7ply or even 9ply boxes.

Graphics and Retail Packaging

Brand image and Brand Identity

These are high quality offset printed boxes to provide the brand image, brand identity and as well as act as a sales tool to convience the customers to buy the product.

Die-Cut Boxes

Fit any shape,size or needs

These are speciality type of boxes and highly customizable corrugated cardboard boxes designed to fit any shape, size, or showcase the brand value or draw attention of the customer towards the product.

Inner Packing

To strengthen and add cushioning to products

Liners, tubes, pads, dividers, partitions, die-cut pieces can be made in an infinite variety of ways to separate or cushion products, to strengthen the box or to prevent product movement by filling voids.